Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2010 Junior Bison Boys Online Tryout

Due to COVID, the 2010 Junior Bisons team will be holding tryouts through an online video format. To register your son  for the online tryout please email JUNIORBISONSBBALL2010@GMAIL.COM.

The coaching staff of the 2010 Junior Bisons team will include Leslie Duhamel and Marlin Kraus.

After registering, we are asking athletes to watch a video of Coach Leslie performing skills and to take a video of themselves doing those skills. An outline of all skills performed will be provided. All videos need to be submitted prior to Aug 24. All athletes will be advised of decisions made prior to August 30. All athletes are welcome. All skill levels are encouraged to participate. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send Coach Leslie an email at JUNIORBISONSBBALL2010@GMAIL.COM.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing your videos!

Coach Leslie: Leslie is in her second year with the Junior Bisons organisation, having assisted with the 2009 team last year. She is passionate about basketball and youth sports in general. Leslie runs an athletic program at Ecole Viscount Alexander, and has coached more than 20 youth basketball teams in the past five years both at the middle school level and in the community. Prior to this, Leslie coached and worked at River Height middle school where she coached many teams annually, taking teams into the playoffs regularly- some even to the provincial championships! She also coached multiple levels of youth basketball in Ontario prior to moving to Winnipeg. Leslie played Varsity Basketball for the University of Waterloo for four years and continues to play today.

Coach Marlin: Marlin has been involved in the sport of basketball over since 1991 as a player and coach.  He played his high school basketball with the Sisler Spartans and participated in the Provincial Team Program throughout his high school playing years.  Marlin went on to play two years at the University of Winnipeg. 

He has coached at various levels starting with the WMBA (2010 – 2014), Junior Bison’s Basketball Club (2012 – present),  Junior Varsity at Niverville Collegiate (2012 – 2016) and at the Varsity level at Sturgeon Collegiate (2016 – present), and has served as the 17U Provincial Team Head Coach the past 2 years. Marlin is the President and Head Coach of Legacy Preparatory Basketball Academy in Winnipeg and also holds the position of Head of Coach & Player Development with the Junior Bison’s Basketball Club placing a significant focus on skill development. 

Marlin has experienced success at all levels of coaching and has had the ability to develop players and teams to maximize their potential.  He also believes that it is not only his responsibility to prepare the players to be highly skilled players, but also to be strong leaders within their respective schools and communities.