Monday, December 4, 2017


Coach Marlin Kraus' squad wins another championship with the PEG CITY league title . We promise Mason is better at Basketball than at his photo game.
Team Junior Bison 2002 Burkett is the runner up for the 2002 Peg City league this season. It was a Junior Bison Final game in the 2002 division.
Number 4 ranked Junior Bison 2003 Black finishes at the second place of the 2003 Tier one Division. Trusting the process in 2017 again.
 Team Junior Bison 2000 continues to ball hard and wins the first place of the 2000-01 championship. I didn't know Bjorn Borg Jensen played ball !!
- Team Junior Bison 2003white earns the third place in the 2003 Tier one division with a 9-2 record.