Sunday, August 31, 2014

New record at the Junior Bison Boys Basketball try-outs

Our club would like to thank the 246 young athletes who attended the 2014-15 season try-outs. We wish the best to all the players who showed a great effort on the court and we want to congratulate our new members. The Junior Bison Boys Basketball club will run a total of 13 teams this season, from the grade 5 level to grade 11.
The club will strive to offer the best Basketball experience possible, emphasizing players' development and leadership values. With a working relationship with the University of Manitoba Men's program led by head coach Kirby Schepp, all members will also have the chance to experience Basketball at the CIS level. Free season pass, sessions with the bisons', specialized training programs for club members are among the privileges that make the Junior Bison experience unique.

Thanks to all our returning players and parents for supporting our program.